Un petit oneshot de Noël, cette fois pour les fans de Marvel avec le couple Wanda et Vision. -M


Christmas was getting closer and closer and holiday decorations started appearing all over the Avengers compound. Not everyone staying at the compound was in the holiday spirit, while others had been waiting for Christmas to arrive for weeks. And then there was Vision. The Android had been around for one Christmas, but he was on a mission alongside Cap, Nat and Sam and he never got to celebrate it and see how others celebrate it. This year was his second Christmas, and he would be around to get to experience this holiday for the first time. As the Android saw some Avengers putting up decorations, he started doing some research about the holiday season. Even if he was able to read and learn faster than all the population assembled, he missed out on a few traditions, like the mistletoe and what it implied to be standing under it. This could bring a lot of fun within the compound, and everyone needed some fun after the last few months. With Falcon being the biggest tease of them all, Vision would not get a minute of peace if he ever ends up standing under the mistletoe. Sam could be joined by some of the other Avengers and Vision would never hear the end of it. The Falcon was impatiently waiting for one thing to happen and one thing only.


Christmas was in a few days only, and most of the Avengers were staying at the compound before heading to their families. Not all of them having families, the others would stay at the compound and celebrate Christmas together, if there wasn’t a mission that would keep them from celebrating. If there wasn’t, Vision would be celebrating his first Christmas, and he was very happy to do it with Wanda. He had bought her a gift. They hadn’t said anything about buying each other a gift, but he wanted to make her happy, especially when Christmas was a hard time for her as she was missing her family. But he still had a week before him before giving her her gift. In the meantime, he was helping others to bake or decorate. Wanda and Sam were in the kitchen, Cap and Nat in the living room, while Tony and Bruce were in the lab, always working. Clint and Scott had gone back to their families for the holiday season. Wanda was baking Sokovian Christmas cookies when she sensed someone coming in the kitchen. She looked up and smiled as she saw Vision walking, or rather flying, towards her.


“Hey Viz”

“The smell of what you’re baking came to my room and even though I can’t eat anything, I have to admit that I would love to taste it”

“I’m making Christmas cookies, but the ones my mom always made when we were little”

“I’m sure that in another life, where I would not be an Android, I would love them”

“Thank you, Viz.”


Wanda looked at him and offered him a soft smile, touched by his interest in what she was baking. Vision walked up to her and was then right next to her, carefully looking at what she was doing.


“Would you like some help?” he asked.

“If you don’t mind. Maybe you have something else to do…”

“I don’t, and even if I had, I’d rather give you hand with this, given the fact that Sam is probably going to eat a lot of those”

“I heard that” screamed the Falcon from the opposite side of the kitchen.


Wanda chuckled. She let Vision give her a hand and told him what he would do to help her. As the two of them were concentrated with their baking, Sam walked up to them and could not stop smiling.


“Mr Wilson, I can sense your look on Wanda and I, and it is quite disturbing” said the Android.

“I bet the two of you haven’t seen what’s right above you, uh?”


Wanda looked up first and saw the mistletoe hanging over their heads. Vision noticed too but was still as confused as before.


“There is Christmas decoration, like in the majority of the Compound” said Vision.

“Oh, it’s not just some decoration, Vision”

“Sam, leave him alone” added Wanda, aware of what standing under the mistletoe meant.

“What is it then?”

“I’m pretty sure Wanda will be happy to tell you what it means” answered Sam with a grin on his face.


Vision turned to Wanda, Wanda turned to him before sighing. She wasn’t annoyed, she just knew Vision would be embarrassed to learn what the mistletoe meant. He was shy around her, and this would not help him.


“There is this tradition that says that when two people are standing under the mistletoe, they have to… they have to share a kiss”


Wanda started playing nervously with her hands, whereas Vision could not speak another word. Sam, on the other hand, was enjoying this a little too much with that giant smile all over his face.


“This is a little inappropriate. What if the two persons standing under it don’t like each other? And what about consent? You can’t kiss someone if you don’t know if they want to kiss you back”


Wanda’s mind went somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go to. She thought about Vision saying this because he wouldn’t mind kissing her, but him not knowing if she would be okay with it. She quickly got her ideas back together and went back to the conversation.


“I’m pretty sure Wanda wouldn’t mind if you kissed her”



The Falcon raised his eyebrows before leaving the two of them alone. Vision wasn’t speaking, neither was Wanda.


“I’m sorry about that” said the redhead. “Sam can be a little… too intrusive sometimes”

“You don’t have to be sorry, Wanda. I was not aware of this tradition, though I have done a lot of research to understand how everyone celebrate Christmas. I think it is a little appropriate, but it can also help when you don’t know how to tell someone that you appreciate them”


Wanda felt the heat on her cheeks. She kept herself together and put a smile on her face before looking at Vision.


“Are you saying you’d use this as an opportunity to tell me something?” teased the redhead.

“I… you… I don’t…”

“It’s okay, Viz. You don’t have to say anything, I was just teasing you” said Wanda, seeing how troubled he was. “Thank you for helping me bake the cookies”

“You are welcome, Wanda”


The redhead offered him another smile before she put the last round of cookies in the oven. Vision, still embarrassed, went back to his room without saying anything. Wanda blamed herself, maybe she shouldn’t have teased him about him potentially wanting to kiss her. she waited for the Christmas cookies to be cooked before going back to her room to take a nap.


Later that day, Wanda was still in her room when someone knocked on the door. She got up and opened the door to find Vision standing on the other side of it.


“You’re knocking before entering in my room now?” she said, a smile on her face.

“I knew you could be sleeping after all the effort you put in baking today”

“Thank you for recognizing that, Viz”

“There is… there is something new in your room” the Android said, shyly.

“Something new? I don’t see anything new”


Vision looked up. Wanda imitated him. There was something new indeed. Mistletoe was hanging from her door frame. Vision must have put his there. She smiled as she looked at him.


“Wanda… may I kiss you on the cheek?”

“You may”


The redhead saw Vision bending over her to come and place a tender kiss on her cheek. It was cheesy, but she could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she felt Vision lips on her cheek. She couldn’t hide the red stains on her cheeks, caused by Vision’s tenderness and respect.


“If this is an early Christmas present, I love it” admitted the redhead, shyly.


Wanda placed a hand on Vision’s cheek and got on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek, but close to his mouth this time.


“Happy early Christmas, Viz”

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