Bonsoir, un petit oneshot qui ne concerne pas Caskett mais un couple d'une série récemment sortie, et que j'ai regardée d'une seule traite hier : A League Of Their Own. Je me suis tellement attaché aux personnages et à leur histoire qu'écrire sur ce couple que j'affectionne déjà était évident. Si ça vous intéresse, la série est disponile sur Amazon Prime, et elle aborde des tas de sujets très importants (droits des femmes dans le milieu du sport, homophobie, etc). Après ce petit moment pub, je vous laisse avec ce petit écrit (en anglais) qui pourra peut-être plaire à certaines personnes. Bonne lecture, et je reviens rapidement avec du Caskett! -M


The Peaches have had a long and tough day at training before the next game against the Blue Sox. All of them were quite exhausted, but it certainly wasn’t going to stop them from celebrating their efforts. They all took a beer and cheered, giving encouragements to one another for the next game. Carson was sitting on the largest couch next to Lupe and Jess. Holding her beer between her legs, she couldn’t keep her eyes away from Greta. She was standing right in front of her, couple feet apart, and was wearing a red dress. Nobody wore red like Greta did, at least Carson thought so. Great caught Carson looking at her and wore a smile, the smile that Carson couldn’t resist. Embarrassed that she was caught staring at Greta like a teenager looking at her crush, Carson looked down but still smiled shyly. She nervously ran her hand through her hair before looking up again. Greta wasn’t there anymore. Carson looked around the room: no sign of the number 9.


“Hey Carson, want to join us for an after party at the bar?” asked Lupe.

“Hm… I think… I think I’m gonna pass. I feel a little tired and dizzy, I’m gonna go lie down” answered Carson. “But you Peaches have fun, but don’t come home too late or Beverly’s gonna be pissed” she added, looking at Lupe and Jess.

“Yes, Miss Shaw”


Carson smiled and got up from the couch before going up the stairs. Everyone went to the barn even Esti who wasn’t legally allowed to drink alcohol. Carson trusted the other Peaches to keep an eye on her. Carson heard the door closing and then, there wasn’t any noise in the house. Though when she walked past Jess and Greta’s room, she heard noise. Didn’t everyone leave to go to the bar? Carson waked forward and saw Greta tidying her room.


“Hi” she simply said.


Greta turned around and noticed Carson on the landing of her bedroom. She instantly smiled.


“Hi, yourself” greeted Greta.

“I thought… I thought you were off to the bar with everyone else”

“I don’t feel like partying tonight. Just wanted to be alone for a little while”


Now, Carson felt bad for intruding.


“Oh… I get it. I’ll… I’ll leave you to it then” said Carson, already turning around to go to her room.

“I want to be alone with you” said Greta before her friend – girlfriend? – left. Lie here with me”


Greta lied down in her bed and left some space for Carson next to her. Carson looked around and made sure no one was here before she joined Greta on her bed. She lied down next to her, and Greta put her arm around her right away. At first, Carson felt overwhelmed, but she quickly felt at ease as Greta was gently stroking her arm. She rested her head on her chest.


“It feels good to be alone and… not being scared of getting caught” softly said Carson.

“It really does”


The room went quiet for a couple of seconds.


“We finally get to spend some time alone and you’re not taking the opportunity to kiss me?” asked Carson.

“Look at you, Carson Shaw, not being able to stay away from me, or should I say from my lips, for more than five minutes” teased Greta.

“I do love the feeling of your lips on mine. And… the way you taste” added Carson shyly.


Carson looked up and saw Greta’s flirtatious smile. The number 9 took Carson’s head between her hands and put her lips on hers. Carson stood up straight so she was able to run her hands across Greta’s body. Out of breath, they touched their foreheads to one another and smiled. Carson curled up to Greta’s side and put her head on her chest like she did earlier. Both of them closed their eyes to get some rest and enjoy this moment to the fullest. Carson would have to go back to her room before the Peaches got home.


An hour later, a little past curfew, the Peaches came back to the house, making as little noise as possible. Lupe and Jess went inside Greta’s room to finish their conversation before Lupe would go back to her room. As they turned their head to see if Greta was asleep or still awake, they noticed something odd: Greta wasn’t alone in her bed. They came closer to the bed and recognized the person next to her right away. They looked at each other and chuckled. Carson and Greta were cuddling, and they had fallen asleep… Them, Rookies.

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